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The Stealth Fisha 555 is built for heavier paddlers, but still offers stability and speed

Length: 5,55m / 18.21 ft

Width: 0,685m / 27 inch

Weight: 29.5kg / 65 lbs

Max Angler Weight: 140kg / 309 lbs

Capacity: 230kg / 507 lbs



The Stealth Fisha 555 is the newest Stealth Kayaks fishing ski on the market, it is made with stability in mind but is still fast due to its length. The 555 is suited for a heavier paddler looking for stability. The 555 is the widest kayak in the Stealth range which allows for more fish in your hatch! The 555 is also a long fishing ski and therefore is also the fastest Fisha model in our range.


  1. Moulded carry handles.
  2. 2 Drainage holes – One for the fish hatch and one for the kayaks hull, these bungs are a simple screw in type and easy to open and close.
  3. Paddle rubber and elastic – A protective mat is in place to prevent the slipping around of your paddle when secured under the paddle elastic. The paddle elastic is shock cord with a clear tubing around it to keep your paddle secure on the mat.
  4. Fiberglass fish hatch lid – Providing easy access to a large central fish hatch. There is a protective pad on the hatch lid, which can be used for cutting your kit or as a simple work area.
  5. Central fish hatch – This is a very large central storage area used for stowing your rods and reels when launching and beaching in rough waters and offers storage for bigger fish. The hatch has a built in rod shoot which curves upwards to that when your rods are stored they can be kept above the fish and anything else you have in the hatch.
  6. Shock cord rod rack system – Easy to use stretchy shock cord system allows you to place the butt of your rod under it to keep the rods and and out the way of anything inside the hatch.
  7. Live bait well – A new addition to the Stealth Kayaks. There is an inlet and outlet in the bait well which allows fresh water to enter and old water to exit from the bottom of the kayak, while you are paddling. This continuous flow of water keeps the oxygen supply fresh and your bait will stay alive for a longer period of time.
  8. Splash cover – Used to secure your hatch lid to the kayak but also acts to prevent waves forcing water under the lid when launching through the surf.
  9. Hatch lever locks – Superior lever lock cam straps allow you to apply maximum pressure to your fish hatch lid when securing it closed. The fold over cam creates extra pressure to make sure the least amount of water gets into the hatch if you accidentally roll over in your kayak.
  10. Front drag/carry handle – A carefully positioned soft moulded handle for easy dragging or holding of your kayak when launching.
  11. Completely adjustable rudder and pedal system– The adjustable pedal system is connected to a rudder with a rail system that can be easily adjusted to make sure you have maximum comfort when sitting in the kayak. Correctly positioned pedals can make a huge difference in the comfort of your kayak. The pedal system makes the kayak easy to steer using the under stern rudder. The  rope clamps on the pedals also allow you  to set your pedals at the desired angle to keep them comfortable.
  12. Self drainer holes – Factory installed drain holes in your foot wells allow easy release of the water that collects in and around your feet. There are neat covers with a small hole that complete the ability of the foot wells to drain while paddling and moving forward.
  13. Plastic cable caps– Neat little cable caps to cover the cable piping on your rudder system, and make access to the cable pipe easy in case the need ever arises to work on the rudder cables.
  14. Side carry handles – Soft molded carry handles to assist with the carrying, loading and unloading of your kayak. The handles can also be used for attaching your back rest or seat system to the kayak.
  15. Trawling rod holders– 2 Standard 50 degree trawling rod holders used for placing your rods into while you want to paddle around and fish. The careful position and angle makes it simple to access and use while you paddle and manage your lines and bait. There are 2 easily accessible plastic saddles next to the rod holders used for rod leashes to secure your fishing rods.
  16. 90 degree rod holders.
  17. Large rear storage hatch– Rear hatch which has an 8 inch lid that can be easily opened and closed for simple access to the storage area. Plenty of space to store you extra tackle, lures, safety equipment and more.
  18. Small recess and rear webbing for extra storage of any larger items you would like to take with you. Can also be used for positioning and holding your bait box or live bait system.
  19. Rudder cover – easy access from this cover to your rudder and rudder system.
  20. Fiberglass rudder– Neatly designed small rudder that gives the kayak excellent  turning  and maneuverability. A very strong 10mm stainless steel shaft is used for the rudder and if ever bent can be simply bent back into position without compromising the strength or integrity of the rudder.


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