Inner Pro

Updated version of our most popular paddle the Inner, the Inner Pro is lighter and stiffer, with all the features of the Inner. Used by paddlers from weekend warriors to world class athletes.

Size: 50 x 16


This blade works well in all conditions, sea,river, flat water you name it! Its forgiving but still grips the water. Perfect for just about anyone.

Size: 50 x 16

Ultra Flex

Updated version of the flex and super flex, with a slightly more aggressive bite. Lighter and stiffer with a more advanced construction. The preferred choice for river, surf ski and even long distance marathon racing. Availbale in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

Size: S 49 x 16,5 M 49,5 x 16 L 50 x 16,5


This is a perfect size blade for kids and women. It has a lovely shape that will guide your paddle stroke giving you a good technique and forcing you to use your body to pull the blade not just your arms.

Size: 46 x 14


This paddle has a strong initial bite in the water and can be tricky to learn with but great once you’re looking to go faster. Good for sea and rivers.

Size: 50 x 16


This paddle has a big blade with a big catch to it. Perfect for strong guys and mainly flat water and sprint distances.

Size: 51 x 16,5

Super Flex

This paddle has a big blade, with a consistent pull through the water and is perfect for big strong guys.

Size: 50,5 x 16


This paddle is great in the sea and rivers. Pulls with a big grip but first bite not that important so a little more forgiving than the B min.

Size: 49 x 15,5


The Legend’s lack of initial bite and more relaxed glide allows the recreational paddler to use it easily on the longer races especially those with moving water.

Size: 53 x 15


This paddle is ideal for small kids as their start out paddle. Easy to pull through the water and nice and light for ease of use.


The good old Flat paddle made in the stone age but still has its uses! White water, wave ski, fishing ski and sunset cruses! generally a heavier blade and dead easy to use but not for racing!