Brand new shape. I’m using this one at the moment. Great in the sea and rivers. Pulls with a big grip but first bite not that important so a little more forgiving than the B min.

Size: 49 x 15,5

Super Flex

This is a big blade. It has a consistent pull through the water and is perfect for big strong guys. Pete loves it!

Size: 50,5 x 16

Orka Outer

For those of you that prefer not to use an inner (blade fitting inside the shaft) This blade is the alternative option to the Orka inner.

Size: 50 x 16

Orka Inner

I personally love this blade. It works in all conditions, sea,river, flat water you name it! Its forgiving but still grips the water. Perfect for just about anyone.

Size: 50 x 16


I enjoy this blade on flat water and lots of guys use this in the sea and rivers too. It has a strong initial bite in the water and can be tricky to learn with but great once you’re looking to go faster!

Size: 50 x 16


This is a very big blade with a big catch to it. Perfect for strong guys and mainly flat water and sprint distances.

Size: 51 x 16,5


This is a perfect size blade for kids and women. It has a lovely shape that will guide your paddle stroke giving you a good technique and forcing you to use your body to pull the blade not just your arms.

Size: 46 x 14


The Legend’s lack of initial bite and more relaxed glide allows the recreational paddler to use it easily on the longer races especially those with moving water.

Size: 53 x 15


The good old Flat paddle made in the stone age but still has its uses! White water, wave ski, fishing ski and sunset cruses! generally a heavier blade and dead easy to use but not for racing!