Meet Our Athletes

In no particular order; these are the men and woman we are proud to play a small part with their sporting careers ...

Sean Rice on the ocean

Sean Rice. Better known as Sean the Prawn. Gentle Giant with a killer instinct! His calm temprement can be confused with casual disorganisation. But dont be mistaken his attention to detail and carfull planning always sets him up for succuss!

I think he appears calm because he always knows he has done his homework! I am guessing that his teachers dont experience the same vibe at collage!?!

Tom Schilperoort. A lean mean machine who has come into his own this year! Recently having decided to join Pete in his training squad he has focused on doing training designed to suit him! Tom has an ability to expect nothing less than perfection from himself. This makes for a self motivated athlete who will give 100% even when the tough have gone home!

Martin Dreyer; Having been involved with his Change a Life Academy right from the begining it has been fantastic to watch these guys grow into really great athletes and turn heads wherever they race...Bring on Duzi 2011.

Quinton Miller is one of the best guys I know! Always there for you and super keen for any adventure and even if no one else is keen he will have the adventure anyway! He became one of my heros when he paddled solo down the Ukon river! What made it even better was that he thought of me and stoped to take pics of my blades against the icy back drops!  Thank you Quinny now thats one thing I dont have to do!

Quinton Miller
Riaan Manser

Riaan Manser; the adventurer extrodineer. From cycling around the coast of the African Continent to paddling around Madagascar, Riaan's done it! His proudly South African nature and local is lekker belief cemented his belief and confidence in my paddle!

Dom Notten ; a junior with the ability to achieve anything his heart desires not only because he has natural tallent pouring out of his ears but because he is not scared to train! This vital combination is hard to come by in a junior but Dom has it for sure! Having surprised a few seniors last year he will continue to focus on paddling and lifesaving gaining as much international experience as he can for his final junior year in 2012!

Jayden Alford Loots or Spanner Boy which suits him better! He is a force to be reconed with and his deceptivly small guns pack quite a punch. Even though he prefers to lie down and boogie board his surf skills and Chiwawa killer instint can catch many a lifesaver by surprise! If there is one thing I know, its  that Spanner Boy never believes anything is impossible and if you say it is he will prove you wrong!

Jarryd Craig Cole perfection waiting to tell me he prefers reading and would like piano lessons! No matter what I will be there to cheer him on!

Kwanda Mhalope; canoeist, multisport and after last years Cape point Challenge now a surfski paddler as well. Small in stature but not in heart & willing to tackle anything head on.

Lucas Mathala, Martins right hand man, and the guy who really chases the Change a Life guys when Martin is not there. A fantastic paddler in his own right with a Duzi top 10 already to his credit..Bring on Duzi 2011.

Simon van Gysen, or Wonder boy, is a friend that has helped me to train in the past. His flawless technique makes water look like air. He has an uncanney ability to smile in any situation which makes you feel that everything will be alright no matter how bad things get! He stays below the radar and never blows his own trumpet and when it counts he pounces and you can be sure it will hurt! I have a feeling that once his diving contract comes to an end we will be seeing his name a lot more ... or should I say ... I am hoping as I know his full potential has not yet been shown!

Craig Flanagan, another of the junior paddlers on their way to really making a name forhimself in both canoeing, lifesaving and surfski paddling, together with Domanic Notten they form a lethal doubles combination and I am sure with a few more years in the junior ranks ahead will be claiming many more accolades, and senior scalps to go with it.

Kirsten Flanagan,

Kirsten Flanagan
Amy Hare

Amy Hare,

Kenny Rice,
Kenny Rice