Sandy sure takes the cake here with her approach to cross training but that's unfortunately what happens when the husband is away!

For me cross training is something to do, for three main reasons:
 1. Get a break from paddling (while still training)
 2. Get the heart rate up (sometimes hard to do in the boat, also speeds up weight loss for those interested)
 3. Speed up and add muscle (there are way faster methods to do this than in the boat)

No matter what your level of paddling is its never a bad thing to add a bit of cross training. Depending on where you live and what your preferences are you can really choose whatever you want to do!

When I first started paddling I was led to believe that I had to swim if I ever wanted to be any good at paddling! Now my swimming resembles something like a drowning butterfly and when I look at it now I simply spent countless hour trying to drown myself and hating life!
Later I decided to focus on gym and running which although I may never hit the body building scene or  track and field I at least enjoyed what I was doing! Each of them  have there benefits but in my opinion it really boils down to what you enjoy!
Now that I have started mountain biking that would also rank high on my list of cross training options but if I lived in Sweden I think I would love the cross country skiing but I will have to leave that to my next life!

So keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with the cross training and HIT IT!