Well it's pretty early and I am up waiting! Waiting for the neighbourhood to wake up! I need to use the belt sander and it makes a little noise so I am waiting!  The last thing I need is someone to complain and then I have to move out of my garage and into a proper factory! That will be bleek! My garage might leak a little and be quite small but I cant tell you how usefull it is when things need to be done late at night or if you are Pete and get the early shift of opening moulds!

Today Pete has already opened the moulds and is now down at the vlei training with the bunch! I am just waiting! I cant blame the neighbors it's cold now and raining! If the wind was blowing it would be super bleek but so far so good the day might turn out to be not so bad!

While I'm waiting I should let you know whos up to what in the world of Orka paddles!
Sean Rice and Tom Skilperood have scored the biggest luck ever and have been given a free trip to race surf ski's in Spain! Think Kayaks have asked them to try out there new Ski and see if they like them and then I think they may get a few more trips! So I am holding thumbs for them! They are both quite big guys so the boat needs to handle that! But otherwise I think they will proberly both be stoked to race a bath tub if they got to race around the world! But before we pass judgement let also wait for there results! They have both been paddling super well locally using the Super Flex so Saturday morning tune in to surfski.info for live coverage of the European Surf Ski Champs to see how they do.

I am hoping my neighbours wake up before the results come through as Saen and Tom only race on Saterday! I laoded Sean up with a bundle of paddles to sell! He is one of the most amazing guys when it comes to wheeling a dealing! He is one of those guys who can sell sand to an  Arab! Go Sean Go! Then He can bring home some presents for his family!
Moms like ornaments and dads like beer mugs, always did the trick for me! Although my dad had to build a special hanging rail for all his mugs! But it looks cool if you ask me but I might be bias , sorry!

So here's to waiting!
And hoping
Hope everyone has a superday
You will find me burried in dust (wareing a mask and gloves! )