Well what a US Surfski Tour the paddlers are having, it is not often you get to paddle around Manhatten Island NY, under The Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco and across the Chicago Skyline all in the space of 3 weeks.

By all accounts the USSSC were a great success, Dawid Mocke holding on to win the big one from Shannon Ekstein and Jeremy Cotter by seconds with Sean Rice rounding out the top four a few minutes back. And DeAnne Hemmens winning the ladies crown

The Finish "How tight it was".

Results Top 10 Singles

Pos Name Location Time Division Division Place
1 Dawid Mocke Cape Town, South Africa 01:57:42 OP 1st
2 Shannon Eckstein Queensland, Australia 01:57:54 OP 2nd
3 Jeremy Cotter Queensland, Australia 01:58:03 OP 3rd
4 Sean Rice Cape Town, South Africa 02:00:19 OP 4th
5 Tony Schumacher Sydney, NSW Australia 02:02:33 OP 5th
6 Ben Allen Queensland, Australia 02:03:17 OP ,
7 Mark Anderson NSW Australia 02:04:57 OP  
8 Greg Barton Seattle, Washington, USA 02:09:13 SM 1st
9 Robert Barry NSW Australia 02:09:34 MS 1st
10 Philippe Boccara San Diego, California, USA 02:12:29 SM 2nd

Dawid at the Finish. The top 6 (Jeremy, Sean, Ben, Shannon, Tony & Dawid).

The following day saw the doubles race and here Dawid and Sean teamed up to win the USSSC doubles crown.

Doubles Results

1 107 Sean Rice, Dawid Mocke 0:49:38

2 109 Philippe Bocarra, Richard Sprout 0:49:55

3 12 Carter Johnson, Dave Jensen 0:50:03

4 101 Donald Kiesling, Gabe Newton 0:50:09

5 103 Patrick Hemmens, DeAnne Hemmens 0:51:32

6 108 Cliff Meidl, Mark Hamilton 0:52:50

7 110 Corry Fitzgibbons, Rich Long 0:54:15

8 106 Elaine Baden, Martin Sundberg 0:54:39

9 176 Eva Mauck, Sean Lupton-Smith 0:54:51

10 105 Debbie Arthur, Morris Arthur 0:55:39

Well this weekend sees both the Chicago Shoreline Marathon in the US and the Nelo Summer Challenge in Portugal being held, WOW  how far has this sport come.