With the top Cape boys and girls, baring Jasper Mocke, all back in town this race was destined to be a cracker.What we didnt know is that the wind would play ball as well.

With the race at Strand traditionally held on the Saturday and in an area of Cape Town, some call the other side of the world it was interresting to see who pitched up. There were new faces and old faces even some long forgotten faces. Definatly a few faces missing but the small field that did manage to find its way to the Strand were spoilt with a Treat of a race.

At first glance from a paddler who does not on a normal occasion find ones self at the Strand, the weather looked somewhat awefull and daunting. The wind gusting sand so hard it took guts not to shreek from the pain. Paddlers clung to their boats at the start line stopping them from taking off down the beach.

The caorse was explained as an out and back from Gordens Bay and then a downwind paddle along the back line to Strand Life Saving Club. I struggled to understand how this would all add up to be mainly down wind but was willing to give it a try.

With leash and Life Jacket securly fastened the race took off!

As we started to head out of Gordens Bay I realised this was going to be a cracker. With no ground swell the small wind swell that was more than managable. The wind really did most the work and before we knew it it was time to turn and head in again. Hear it was a little like hard work but knowing that it couldnt last for ever you just had to put your head down and grind it out!
The front bunch of men had already wittled down, with the top four hanging on with their teeth as they ground back. Once the bouy at Grordends bay was rounded and the finnal 8kn down wind stretch was underway the technical skill off Dawid s came into play.

The runs were fun and somewhat like Langebaan,but what I liked most as a nervous sea paddler was the ammount of safty! With the NSRI in there spirit of Surf Ski and Honda Marine Sommerset West on wet bikes one never felt alone out on the course.

All too soon it was over, Dawid charging in ahead of Sean with Tom just off the pace. Graeme and Pete made up the top 5 and Dom Notten having to put in some serious work after a dismal start to edge in front of  Kenny Rice for the junior honours.

My race would probly be my best local race ever just for the guys I managed to pip. One or two that I have never ever gotten the better of and that always gives you a feeling of achievement, so long may it last.
All in all thanks to Strand Surf and Herbert Conradie as well as NSRI and Honda Marine Sommersett West!

I am one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy your huge efforts, Thank you.

1. Dawid Mocke (Peninsula) 1:01:47
2. Sean Rice (Peninsula) 1:02:01
3. Tom Schilperoort( Peninsula) 1:03:03
4. Graeme Solomon (Peninsula) 1:03:46
5. Peter Cole( Peninsula) 1:05:52

1. Alexa Cole (Peninsula) 1:11:33
2. Donia Kamstra(Strand) 1:14:15
3. Bianca Beavitt ( Milnerton) 1:15:32

1. Dominic Notten (Wynberg Boys) 1:06:32
2. Kenny Rice (Bergvliet H/S) 1:10:47
3. Craig Flanagan(SACS) 1:10:50