Ive been a bit bad at keeping this site updated. Ok not bad, terrible! but here's the new years REVOLUTION!

Looking back at last year it was a crazy year if I've ever had one! But I would do nothing different which is how i like it !

Started off thinking I was going back to study something new and ended up realising it was for the birds and moving on pretty swiftly! Not big on conformity and had just forgotten that for a quick moment glad I remembered though!

Once I was over the studying idea The paddle making kind of just presented itself and well then just exploded!

This was all right in the middle of getting married to Pete the most amazing guy but I'll not bore you on him yet! And then going to Hawaii!

So that was the beginning of the first time I have ever worked a full day job!
I am a Pre-School (kindergarten) teacher and taught at a fantastic school for three years but its not quite the same as working in the garage from 7am to 7pm!

So yes last year was a complete shock to the system where for the first time ever training took the back seat and work kicked in like a donkey!