South African Surf Lifesaving Champs are on this weekend at Durban North Beach! Man that brings back distant memories! I used to live for champs, hoping that I could score a medal in just something I didn’t care what! But I did eventually narrow it down and discover what I was good at and more importantly, what I was bad at! Sad thing was that swimming was my weakness! That narrowed it down super fast! But now, if I think about it, my old SA lifesaving medals are some of my most cherished medals probably because they were some of my first and also more spectacular ones as an outside hopeful! 

In truth lifesaving as a sport was the beginning for me. Not only did it help narrow my talents down but I learnt at an early age how to train but more importantly having fun while it all came together before it all became serious and stressful.

This year my old Club Fish Hoek Surf has a fantastic team again and are once again wanting to win the overall standings! As an old has been of the club it brings me great pleasure that a few of the top competitors will be using my blades in the Ski and Iron man events.


Sean Rice (using a Bmin) Learnt to paddle with me when I was coaching the guppies (juniors) and has come into his own over the last two years as I always had faith that he would do! Last Year he won the junior Ski title and this year so far the Western Province and interprovincials’ senior title! I’ll hold thumbs as he is a competitor who never gives up and is always keen for competition and never afraid of it!


Tom Skilperoot (using a Super Flex) is also looking good for the Senior Ski title and has had an amazing year as well! He managed a top 5 on the Cape Point Challenge and podium positions at both SA Trials and WP Champs. He has been learning to train through Dawid Moke and I suspect he is going to use all his new knowledge to pull of a super result!


Jaden Alford Loots aka Spanner Boy (using an Orka inner) is in his last year of juniors! He surprised me in Dubai last year when I finally witnessed him take something seriously! As a layed back kid he decided to take on a mission and he put everything into it! I was stoked to see him claim a 2nd in Dubai and then a 1st at Cape Point! This Year he is undefeated around the cans and once again on a mission!


Kendal Alford Loots (using an Orka outer) and Kim Brugman (using an Orka inner) have been at the top of the Ladies division for the last few years and are both in the National side competing in the Tri Nations competition to be held after the SA Champs.

Last but not least someone to keep an eye out for is Brindley Fisher Feffs (using a Flex) She has come out of nowhere and fallen in love with the sport just as I did at her age!

So from what I can see Fish Hoek is looking good and I will be waiting with baited breath for some hot results! (Strange saying that think I might have it wrong? Why would one wait with bait breath?  Oh well Here’s hoping all goes well! And I’ll keep everyone else posted Shotand Good Luck!