As I was hoping and expecting (which is always easier to do when its not you on the start line!) Fish Hoek Surf had some amazing results at the South African Lifesaving Champs over the weekend!

I am still trying to get some photos out of the bunch but we will forgive them for the slackness on this one occasion as, I know what its like sitting on a beach for 3 days! Things seem to sort of slow down and fall apart and hitting reality after such an event often hurts A LOT!
So here are the best results with Orka paddles:
Sean and Kendal claimed the mixed double title beating teams such as Dawid and Kim, Hank and a KZN girl
Then Brindley as I guessed pulled out a stunning performance and won junior ladies ski!
Jaden claimed a 3rd in his junior mens ski as well as a 1st in the Doubles.
Tom was 3rd in senior mens ski which is outstanding and Kendal was 2nd in the senior ladies ski.

These are just the results that really stand out for me in the heap of fantastic achievements!
I hope to have some pics up by the end of tomorrow!