Tom and Sean chilling before the race!
I must be one of the luckyest people I know in the whole world! I have always said this! If there is a lucky draw I will win it sorry but that's just the way it is. From tackies  to coffee machines to K2's to Surf ski's to toasters.I've won it! Some people are just born that way and I think my luck in life has kind of followed through to my paddles! Well that's the way I feel about Sean and Tom using my paddles and doing so well with them!

Sean was 3rd and Tom 5th in the EuroCallenge Surf Ski Race in Spain!  This was Seans first and only Toms second international race ever! Flip I had to race for years before I could crack a podium position and thes guys mix it with the big guns just like that no stress! They had both been given a free trip to take part in this race and try out the new Think Leroux Surf ski Tom was not so sure about the boat but Sean cant stop raving about the boat! He is 100% sold on it and will now race all the international races possible in this new ski! Which now officially makes him the second luckyest person I know in the whole world!

These results didnt just happen! Tom has some how latched himself to Dawid and what he does Tom does! That has got to make you strong! Train with the best and you wont be scared to race with the best! Sean on the other hand is a free thinker and likes to find the best session going no matter what he is always keen! Which gives him a little variety and keeps him thinking. Niether training method is better than the other as long as it suits the individual which apparently it does!

So there luck was only due to hard work, My luck well... was due to being a a lot of lucky draws and having such graet guys paddling with my paddles!