Before Ritalin became the super cure for every active kid on the block I became there poster child! So too the unfortunate masses that are now prescribed with this wonder drug I’m sorry I might be to blame for that. Now having the concentration span of your average fly I have never been one to sit and sift through a news paper and the fact that watching the mono tone 8 o’clock news simply sends me to sleep means I simply don’t. But even with this strange aversion to what’s happening around me I do some how scrape up a little of what’s going on. 


If you live in South Africa then there is just no way you don’t know that our soccer team has its biggest game ever tonight! We have a big population and I would say 90% of them are soccer crazy! For some reason we have just never managed to get it together, to actually play the game with any talent. I am not sure if it’s coaching or cultural or money or athleticism or what, but we simply are no good at a sport we love, sad but true. That’s why tonight is so important to us! We get to play in the confederations cup through the back door simply because we happen to be hosting the tournament, so cool I would never knock an opportunity to box with the big guns just because they are supposed to be out of our league and some how we just pulled of one of the luckiest jail free cards of all time and tonight we will be playing in the semi finals against Brazil! No one would ever have guessed that would have happened,not in a million years!


So tonight along with the rest of the 45 million South Africans I will be glued to the TV rooting for my beloved country. I have a sense of reality thank goodness so I am not going to set myself up for an inevitable loss but as a Hungarian coach once said to me while trying to convince me into the sprinting world “You never know a satellite may fall out the sky! And if you are in lane one you might just score the biggest luck ever! You just have to put yourself in the position!” Not sure I never really got my head around this satellite idea but I get the concept! So Go Bafana Bafana Go!


Then I will head up to Knysna for the weekend to watch our SA Flat Water Marathon Champs (SA national trials) I have a feeling its going to be just as tough as going to world champs for a lot of the guys! The field is full of past world marathon champs medal winners, world champions’ current and past as well as amazing new talent! I am hoping for a riveting race and can’t wait to report back on every move, exciting stuff! What I will not be hoping for is any satellite damage because here, where we do have all the talent in the world, I am hoping that THAT alone comes through and the best man wins! As it should be!