Photo:Barbara Yendell

Lance was in today to collect his "Super Flex" Berg River Racing paddle and as he was leaving he threw out the old "results speak for themselves" comment. It's a saying that has been around for ever and ever and for a good reason too! It is true!

Results are results and that's the way it will always be. As another good friend of mine always reminds me, "there is no comments column in the results sheet". 

That's my type of racing. Keep your mouth shut, do the hard work and the rest will fall into place. I say this with confidence now but I can still all too clearly remember giving my life to a sport I seemed to have no talent in. No jokes there is one particular day I just can't seem to shake from my memory.

I remember I had been training my heart out but still hacking off the back of every training session, more like flapping in the breeze than any real forward movement. But I was dedicated and determined. And then on this particular day I finally snapped. Like a rubber band. Just like that. I remember just stopping right there and then and going to sit in the change rooms to have a good old blub because I just was not good enough. I sat there thinking what on earth do I think I am trying to prove and what if my true talent lies in "pencil sharpening"? Should I really be wasting my time here in the gale force wind and cold early mornings? Will I ever really be anything?

Thank goodness I took a deep breath and realized that the world championships for pencil sharpening hadn't been developed yet so I had no other option but to keep hacking away at a sport that I was a little better at than the many others I had tried. Then gradually year by year, inch by inch I made my snail pace improvements always struggling to find the quick fix but always determined and dedicated.

For me I never made any sudden improvements, no major leaps that I can really remember, just small baby steps in the right direction. Eventually everything did work out and the day in the change rooms probably was a fork in my career that could have gone any way.

Everyone is different though and that's something to always keep in mind. Some people seem to just pick up a sport and catapult themselves into the big league. Its hard for me to not be jealous of a person like that but at the same time even though they might be mixing it with the big guns there is no hiding the fact that training ultimately is the real decider in the end! So I was stoked to see the old legends of our sport holding off the lighties for just one more year at the SA marathon trials this last weekend. Everyone had brilliant races and nothing was left to chance it has to be one of the most exciting races I have ever seen. But for me the absolute highlight was seeing Sean Rice Hacking it with the top bunch for the first lap. He blew spectacularly from there on but that one lap will give him that one step forward for next year and then slowly but surely step by step that's the way you do it!

With that same step by step motion Tom Skilperoot had a result of a lifetime in Mauritius yesterday cracking a top 3 and beating some pretty unbelievable guys! He too is slowly making his name a solid contender and force to be reconed with!

So to round it off, if you cant think of anything better to do you might as well give things 100%. That way you never have to look back and say "I could have, should have, would have!" Results speak for themselves.

Tom, Sean and Lance all use the Super Flex and I continue to be proud of every move they make! Thanks would mainly go to all there hard training! Keep it up and hang in till you just cant anymore!

The main race in Mauritius is tomorrow so keep your eyes on those results I know I will!