I always boast about my friend Wendren. When I mention her in a conversation I have to be careful I’m not like a kid who thinks there mommy is always the best at everything! “No my mom makes the best macaroni!” One thing I do know is that she is no good at cooking so there is one weak point, but she is busy learning so I give her a few months and I won’t be able to rely on that any more. Then she will literally be super woman!


She is going to hate this blog, but it has to be done! Her background is basically that I met her at the lifesaving club she was a few years younger and quite shy. She looked like your average girl who was at the club more for the boys than the exercise or racing but how wrong I was! I slowly got to know her more and more as she began training with us. She  never had much speed but like me she was determined and had an amazing head for sticking out the grizzly bits! She stuck to it and we soon discovered that she was lethal in down wind conditions. Lethal could even be a bit of an understatement, she was radical! She has one of those laid back personalities with a hidden aggression which seems to come out just as the run or swell builds behind her! Natural as they come!


Wendren being Wendren was never going to let that be enough for her so she took on one of the most grueling paddling challenges ever! The PE to East London surf Ski Race in a single! I personally thought she was mad at the time and I continue to think that! She obviously conquered it and was one of a small handful of girls who have done this solo! After that I was in awe of her! But that was it for her. I think once you’ve done something as brave as that its hard to find another challenge quite in the same league so she set her energy into another direction, Work. But before she did this she gave Pete a thank you present that would top all thank you presents in true Wendren fashion! She painted that most amazing picture of Kalk Bay Harbour! It is framed in our lounge as a constant reminder that people have many talents  and we should all learn to use them, develop them and be proud! I sure am proud to be her friend and continue to be amazed at how driven and talented she is!


You can check out what she has been up to in her own business through thewrendesign.com . But check out the cool paddle bags she has put together for me! They are lined and scotch guarded (Water resistant) And Unique! I love them and think they should be a hit! If you want more info on the prices and designs you can find out more through my site catalogue or through her site. The pics and there descriptions are of flicker