I have good news and bad news .

I like to start with the bad first, and that is, that life just got more expensive!

The good news is that I think it will be money well spent for once!

I don’t want to beat around the bush too much on what and why so I will get straight to the point as fast as I can!

After backing Pete into a very tight corner I have finally convinced him to be a bit more constructive with his amazing talent in coaching paddlers!

He has given it a lot of thought and has come up with a few different options to suit every type of paddler! (Top racers to couch potato aspirers).  That is Pete for you! Never simple and always trying to include everyone! So if you just want the written programme or you want to attend sessions there is a structure now for you!

I think anyone who has trained under Pete will agree that this move is well over due!  There are a large amount of paddlers who owe their achievements  straight to Pete and his coaching!

Off the top of my head these are the people who stand out  over the years

Simon Van Guysen 2nd World Marathon Champs Junior Men K1

Nikki Moke 1st  World Marathon Champs Junior Women K1

Donia Kampstra 2nd World Marathon  Champs Senior Women K2

Lance King 2nd Berg River Marathon

Sean Rice ... me and I can’t tell you how many other  paddlers who have not only achieved their goals but jumped to a whole new level! I know if you are reading this and you have trained under Pete you will know exactly what I am talking about! He simply has this knack for pushing people to try harder! Most importantly for me though is that when you attend a group session with Pete he quickly works you out as an individual. He puts aside that you are 40kgs over weight and almost a grand master and never going to win a lucky draw let alone any type of race and sees you for you. Just Ask Sean Rice!!!! 

So to keep it short as I promised I will be the first person to stand up and put every medal or winner’s cheque or sponsors money  down to Pete’s help and guidance. If you have never joined one of Pete’s sessions I have to say you better clear you diary and make that top of the bucket list and I will promise you here and now that it will change your life! For those of you who have in the past or are currently training under Pete I hope you continue to benefit from his selfless dedication and continue to enjoy your paddling because I know that’s why he is there !

Now if you are completely confused it may be because you don’t go down to the vlei at 5 45am! But speak to one of the 40 who were there yesterday morning to find out the inside story otherwise drop him a mail  to get in on the options available. And don’t feel excluded if you are a million miles from our good old swamp! There is as I say an option for you!

Contact Pete on:   orkatraining@gmail.com