Hi and welcome to my new site. As you can see it is still unfinished, but a work in progress. My name is Alexa Lombard/Cole and through this site I hope to bring you lots of different information and content about all types of paddling(my past time) and paddle manufacturing(my business).

I have been a paddler since the age of 15 and traveled and raced all over the world with various degrees of success. I still race, but not as much as before as my paddle manufacturing business takes up a lot of my time.

At the moment I am having a mini break from training and racing having just competed in 2 big Surf Ski races, The Molokai Surf Ski World Champs  and the Durban Surf Ski World Cup . So the first few blogs will be about what I am up to, projects we are involved in and forthcoming events.

So Here goes, let's hope you will learn something useful from me and I can keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of paddling!

Getting ready for a morning session at Kalk Bay Harbour.