Sometimes I wonder when I will get board of making paddles day in and day out, but so far so good! I think it has a lot to do with a nice general stream of visitors that I get day to day! Sometimes I get people who are learning to paddle and need to know a few pointers other times I get stalwarts of the sport just wanting to chat or needing something completely off base which gives me a new challenge.

A few weeks ago Tom Skilperoort was in the garage asking if I would help him with a College project he had to make! He is a brilliant artist and you may have seen some of his art before. This is one he painted and I particularly like it because you can just make out that it is in fact an ORKA paddle that he painted! Tom races with a Super Flex and has had some radical results over the last year.
When I heard it was for a competition I was super keen! I love competitions! Now the strange thing I always find is when you think you will be helping someone else learn something you know, that's when you yourself learn the most! I learnt this first when I was working as a pre-school teacher! Five  year old's can teach you just as much as any adult I have ever met!
So thanks to Tom I learnt how to take a piece of wood, make a shape, then get a plastic mould from it and with that then make a fiberglass replica of the wooden shape, which can then be used as a final mould! Sounds like a long route but I was amazed! In the end if you can carve it out of wood you can produce it in fiberglass! Now it just comes down to how good your wood carving is! I'm pretty useless so that helps like a hole in the head but one day this may come in handy. So for now I'll just store it in that back of my head with the rest of the wasted space up there.

So far Tom is one of  the finalists and I am holding thumbs but he is up against some steep competition have a look if you want and I'll keep you posted!

Tom was making a "fruit lo cater" which basically looks like an upside down bowl with various sized holes in, that locates the apples and oranges! Now that is a terrible description for what turned out to be something I wish I could put in the middle of my kitchen counter! He then took it a step further and that's where he lost me in the manufacturing line and made a similar idea in brushed metal!

The one on the left is is the one I helped with and I am claiming it big time!