Dusi 2009 - Change a Life

Eric 9th, Lucas 10th

Martin Dreyer, Eric and Lucas

Discovery Mens Health Double Ski

Pete and I dicing Justine and Stephanie

Euro Challenge 2009

Tom and Sean

Yukon Expedition- Quinton Miller

Quinton Miller, Yukon 2009, one paddle, Orka Inner

Riaan Manser, Madagascan Circumnavigation

All the way around Madagascar, Riaan Manser, one paddle, Orka Flat

Berg 2009

Lance Time Trial Day1, Top Four Day 3

US Surfski Champs and Chicago Shoreline Marathon

Breeda River marathon 2009

Lance and PW Basson, Myself and Jackie Barns

Mayors Cup New York

Sean Rice 1st, Cold but elated.

Hong Kong Dragon Run 2009

Discovery Mens Health Surfski Series singles 2009

Steve Farrel, Orka Inner

Tom & Sean Super Flex

Rebecca Newson ( Flex) & Jackie Barns (Orka Inner)

Fenn Cape Point Challenge

Sean Rice 2nd, Paul Marais 3rd

Myself &Coach Barns taking a leisurely paddle to the Chokka
boats at St Francis Bay to fetch Calamari for Supper.

Hope you have had a great holiday, I have and looking forward to a great 2010.