I have been looking forwards to this week for a very long time! Now I just hope it doesn’t shoot by too fast!

Friday we had a mad rush to get all orders out and have the last of Kayak Centres order ready to board the plane to Durban! For a week of non-stop FUN!

Not the easiest considering we were going to do not only the Drak Challenge but the Sani2C mountain bike race as well! Luckily Trusty Godfrey had driven up with the boats but the amount of accessories  one needs for these two events is unbelievable!

So there we were a balancing act of note but a well worth it mission!
Drak Challenge is my favourite race: crystall water, big rapids and the most amazing setting! But the most special part for me is the family I've inherited over the years of Duzi training up in the Drakensberg!
We have been neglecting our boats and putting all our training in on our bikes!
This did nothing for my performance on the Drak and I can for the first time in my life say that training is not over rated! I gave the most dismal performance but enjoyed every second of it! Drak is just one of those special races where you just cant help having FUN!
Today I am sore! Very Sore! Even from going that slowly! I would never have guessed but new respect for the back markers from my side!
Then to round off a weekend of adventure we had unbelievable rain over night and the dam wall where we stay burst over and I had a little fun! I will tell you more about where we stay TOMORROW!