Nothing starts off big! And almost nothing happens quickly! I think some things feel like they have sprung on us and that things have happened suddenly but when you think about it, all the little steps along the way always seem to add up. I think the more tiny steps there are keeping you busy the less you notice time simply pushing on. When we say time flies  try standing in a bank queue.

For me the last two years have slipped past me! It was just before Pete and I got married that I started to play with the idea of making paddles in my garage at home! I started with one paddle I think it took me nearly two hour just to get the resins down! I remember thinking good heavens don’t stuff this up this could be expensive! 

Now I can laugh about it. Sweat dripping down my face and a heart rate somewhere around 200 panicking that the first paddle I ever made might not be perfect! And yes “how broke was I that this amount of stress should be caused by making one dud  paddle? I don’t think I was broke but there is nothing more sole destroying than buggering up something you have put your heart and soul into!

The worst thing for me was  having to wait till the next day before I could open the mould to see how I had done! I want instant results! More time just means more time to stress! I think by the time the mould was ready to open I sent Pete to do it as I couldn’t bear to see it!

Little did I know that first paddle I made, although perfect would lead to more and more stress! Now that I knew I could do it the sky was the limit but how to get there is never mapped out.

The biggest break for me was all thanks to my closest  friends rallying up a storm and sending Pete and I on a dream honeymoon to Molokai Hawaii. That for me was like winning the lotto! You just don’t get better than that!  By the way Molokai is in a weeks time and for the first time in four years there looks like there is going to be wind...hold thumbs.

Lewis on his way to winning the 2008 Molokai

But what changed my life was meeting Dean Gardener! He was the first guy to take my paddles to the rest of the world! He is an amazing guy both as a person and as an athlete but now he is taking his business to the next level and I just want to wish him the all the best of luck in opening his new shop in Sydney and I will do my best to support him as much as I can as he did for me in my first steps of my small business!

The new Ocean Paddler Store. Dean demonstrating the art or run riding on the Ergo!

I hope His shop explodes to the  skies, but I wish him to have little stress and great joy! Results are always hard to wait for but I know with his personality waiting will not be the plan of action and in two years time he will be sitting much like me wondering how things got so big!

Go Dean Go!