This year seems to be flying past! I am not even sure I have gotten over the Christmas rush yet!  Have finally managed to get more paddle bags made which is at least a start but they already seem to be flying out the door! Not a bad thing... but I did have a nightmare last night and all I know was it had something to do with running out of bags in one day and having to do some emergency remaking (I know that should be the least of my worries right now but stupid things like that seem to haunt me when I am trying to sleep!) So the morel of the story is ... if you were thinking of getting a paddle bag for yourself or a friends birthday act now! The Paddling Centre and Brians Kayaks are both stocking them but otherwise have a look at the pics and drop me a mail and I can send details!

I did make a small adjustment on the full length paddle bags and I think they are now looking as cool as the split bags so happy about that! Then I have also made a cheaper version which has come out stunning if I do say so myself! The funky designs are still the best but have a look each to his own!
Aqua Fluffy
Black Check
Blue and Brown Flower
Blue and orange brushed flower
Blue Fluffy Flower
Bright CheckerCandy Stripe
Caramel Flower
Green and Cream stripe
Greena and Pink Stripe
Grey and Bright Yellow Stripe
Grey Dagga
Pink Candt Stripe
Pixelated Cammo
Red Bird
Red Hawaii
Spider Camo
Swirly Twirly
Wide Pink Stripe

These are the cheaper versions Quite nice What do you think?