So I have been moaning about my car for a few years now!
Sad to think that when I first got it I loved it... or should I say it was a good second best!

The  first car I ever bought was a trusty cheappie that would do the trick. As in, get me from A to B in a respectable fashion. Problem was that when I bought it I was kind of eyeing out a not so reliable but, super hot wheels that I could see suited me down to the bone! It was an Ice Blue Suzuki Jeep!
Man it was love at first sight! I even managed to over look its weak points namely, the rust and the wonky bent out delapidated look it was taking on in its old state! All that had no meaning to me! I was sure it would get me from A to B even if I had to do a bit of a Fred Fintstone, I was prepared to go the extra mile for simple coolness!
Only problem was at the time I was on my way to Spain to race World Marathon Champs. My thought was that if the car was still in the used car lot when I returned not having been sold, then it was meant to be! I would take home my dream car!

So I spent a stressful  two weeks overseas hoping nobody was going to take my dream car! When I got home I was over the moon to see my baby to be was still waiting for me! Deal done she was going to be mine! That was untill I sort of let slip to Pete that this was my plan! Bleek I learnt a good lesson there! When there is a nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you may be taking a bit of a risk ... do not talk to sensible Pete! Because he will then put you onto his best mate  when you dont want to listen to him to talk sense in to you! Dam it I was talked out of the dream car! Then dragged off to find a sensible boring number. Bummer....Oh what could have been! Worst of it all is that I still see the ice blue jeep out and about! I bet the dude who did eventually get it is loving it ... He probablly has a degree in auto mechanics by now but well good for him I'm jealous as hell!
Anyway back to reality! Reality where I got the sensible car which did in fact do me well! That was untill the last little while where I have learnt to jump start a car in my sleep or even roll start it in my very short driveway into my garage door! New talents all the time! Stupid battery is apparently fine!?! Battery man says its electrics, electrics say its battery.What the hell, just pisses me off because if I'm gonna have car admin I at least want to be cruising the streets in my Ice Blue Jeep!
So JA, since that is never gonna happen...I searched the earth for a closer second best! I even got friends involved because nothing was coming close! But as luck would have it, turns out I have friends who know cars! Go figure! Any how they not only found the perfect car, they then traded my car in for a killer trade in price and got a whole lot of extras thrown in!
Now I am proud to say that the ice blue jeep is fighting a tough race with my new machine! stoked that I can confidently put the jump leads away! I am just a bit of a nervous  wreck in the car park!
bump me and die!

even looks cool in the dark!