I hate Mondays and this one seemed to be a particularly long one!
I think mainly because the weekend was so perfect. My favorite type of weekend is one where you could not possibly have fitted in more if you tried!
I rode my bike, crayfished, saw Wendren at her stand at the biscuit mill, paddled a race, had a braai, went to a party, saw a movie and even had an afternoon nap!
Damn Mondays.

As far as the race on Sunday, Pete and I were a little worried that we would be outclassed by Dawid and Kim as well as Tom and Kendall especially after our monster Sani2C training on Saturday! But we were pleasantly surprised to find we were in the mix and holding our own right up until.......we stuffed up the last portage! Bleak! But that's OK still plenty of races and at the very least we managed to hold off Justin and Steve (stuff them for thinking they can beat us after drinking themselves into a coma the night before!)

So I best be off, still got a bit to do in the workshop and Pete has come home early to help me, nice, but I think its mainly so that I finish up early enough so we can get on our bikes and train, he's very worried about Sani!