Well five days on and Sean the Prawn Rice is still on an absolute high after his great win at the Mayors Cup Surfski Race in New York. Although the defending Champ not many people seemed to give him a chance, what with the quality field assembled this year.
On the Monday before the race, a public holiday in South Africa, he celabrated his 21st birthday and Pete was asked by his Mom to say a few words, I was actually really bleek as he had started paddling at the vlei with me as a 13 year old kid, he improved in leaps and bounds then disapeared off the scene only to arrive a few years later very out of shape but just as determined. Well since then he has just kept on improving, I did get my way and said the speach with the just of it being that I  hoped one day my little 2 month old grows up as great a kid as Sean has become.
So this was before NY and boy am I even prouder of him now.

What a win and it goes to show that if you really want something bad enough, make the sacrifices and put in the effort you will achieve the results.

This weekend the US Surfski tour moves to San Fransisco and the US Surfski Champs, and the competition gets tougher and tougher, with a few more Ausies in the mix as well as the whole Mayors Cup field. Last years race was a cracker and this year should be no different, its a technical course with some great runs....Good Luck to All