In and  around Cape Town there are the 2 big traditional Universities, The University of Cape Town (UCT or Ikeys) and the University of Stellenbosch (US or Maties),  UCT  sits on the slopes of Table Mountain while the Maties lie just outside  Cape Town in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, heart of the Cape Winelands.
UCT is an English University while Maties is a traditionally Afrikaans speaking University and for more than a centuary the rivalry between the two has been legendary (Rugby, Cricket, Water Polo, Hockey etc).
So it was just a matter of time before Surf Ski was the next sport. Clifton was chosen as the venue for the race with 2 laps of 3.5 km from the beach around Fishermans and Barkers Rocks.

The Start, not many better  venues in Summer than Clifton in the evening with Table Mountain in the Background

Apart from the two varsities there was also a team made up of the various Techs in Cape Town, the format simple 10 students per team for the Inter Varsity, and 10 Ex students per team from the varsities. Followed by 10 doubles carring other students.
Well the competition was fierce with a quality field on the line, the best of Cape Towns surfski paddlers having a full go as can be seen by the results.
All in all  a great success and well done to Billy Harker for putting it all together.

Heading for the finish, Lions Head in the Background.

1 DAWID MOCKE Elite 00:28:24:00 100% Senior LCS
2 SEAN RICE Elite 00:28:30:00 99.65% Senior LCS
3 JASPER MOCKE Elite 00:28:59:00 97.95% Senior LCS
4 TOM SCHILPEROORT Elite 00:29:39:00 95.6% Senior LCS
5 PETER COLE C 00:30:18:00 93.31% Vet LCS
6 IAN TRAUTMANN C 00:30:22:00 93.08% Vet LCS
7 JAYDEN ALFORD-LOOTS A 00:30:25:00 92.9% Senior LCS
8 PATRICK BIRKETT A 00:30:28:00 92.72% Senior LCS
9 PAUL MARAIS Elite 00:31:00:00 90.85% Senior LCS
10 GAVIN WHITE C 00:31:34:00 88.85% Senior LCS
11 ALASDAIR GLASS C 00:31:34:00 88.85% Senior LCS
12 HEINRICH SCHLOMS D 00:31:46:00 88.15% Senior LCS
13 RORY COLE B 00:31:47:00 88.09% Vet LCS
14 JAMII HAMLIN C 00:32:19:00 86.21% Vet LCS
15 JUSTIN MADDOCK C 00:32:26:00 85.8% Senior LCS
16 EUGENE VAN DER WESTHUIZEN D 00:32:27:00 85.74% Vet LCS
17 HERBERT CONRADIE B 00:32:28:00 85.68% Vet LCS
18 JONO WEBB B 00:32:40:00 84.98% Senior LCS
19 LOUW STRYDOM D 00:32:45:00 84.68% Senior LCS
20 DANIEL KANTOR B 00:32:45:00 84.68% Senior LCS

The UCT mascot a little out of place on Clifton Beach.