Pete being Pete was a little braver than most and took a Surf Ski with an over slung rudder down the Drak last weekend!
I must admit I gave it half a thought just because I haven't been training and I knew I would be a bit wobbly in the rapids! The water level at the time was super high so it was defiantly appealing!
What changed my mind was when we loaded it on the trailer and I discovered lightness was not one of its many vices! Pete on the other hand had no problem with the little extra weight and quickly adjusted the new Knysna River Surf Ski to fit him and sent it on its way up to Underberg!
We arrived on Saturday morning to discover that the water had all simply run away. I did feel a little bad for Pete but got over it just as quickly! Dam him, a wins a win and if you live in my house you learn to take every little advantage you can! (Even if it is just the two of us and a race we both didn't train for!)

Pete started in B batch even though he did try to tell John Oliver he should probably move to Z batch but hey, I don't think I would argue with John either!  I started in C batch with all the girls not the way I like it but what the hell I was there to have fun. while I picked my way through the rockery I was certain I would see Pete but some how I think he may have spotted me coming and ducked behind a rock because when I got to the Finish he was not there yet!?

Just as I was about to claim my one and only victim on the race having been beaten by just about every other paddler in the field Pete arrived with boat in one piece just one small crack which he admits was due to bad driving. Dam one more day of racing!

Day two the tables were not turned but flipped! the water arrived in full force! Pete was in the pound seats and I think half the field was wishing they had a Surf Ski TOO!

As I wobbled my way to the finish line avoiding swims with my life and clambering over rocks when it got too big Pete put foot and didn't miss a stroke! He bobbed over all the rapids and had a ball!

Bleek, one day to him one to me( I call that a tie!) but I think in futchure the Ski may play more of a roll! Kieths Flyover will be like shooting it on a Boogy Board! Bleek when I thought I had him coverd simply because I can run over the rocks faster than he can swim!

There are a few minor changes that I'm sure Knysna will make but in the long run I think the over slung rudder on the Surf Ski will become a huge thing on the SA rivers! The advantages are huge! If you think of the time you take simply getting to the bank in a swim let alone trying to clamber up it and then empty the half drowned boat! I think I like the hop on and go option without the whole stress of getting traped in the splash cover when wraping around a rock! Much safer!

So thumbs up to Knysna for taking the first step!  I will keep my eyes peeled for more developments and let you know what happening! I do know Pete and Dawid are putting pressure on Kieth but good things take time they say! More than that I know glen has ordered a river Epic Surf Ski so when that arrivers I will be sure to give it a poke and let you know!?!

Apart from that It was super to catch up with Martin and his Change a life team as well as Kayak Centres' Ken and Rick! They all are still super stoked that all the orka paddles are holding up on the Natal rivers (biggest test of all!) and doing well! So I'm very pleased with that and back to work with a bang tomorrow!