I am lucky at the moment that my business is still quite small and I am able to work from my garage! Well sometimes lucky and some times unlucky!
At the moment I have two chief helpers! One likes to sleep a lot and the other is kind of moonlighting as a paddle maker but actually has a day job printing Bet you would never guess that! Sometimes they don't like to help though!
I do sometimes catch them doing this. And If you are wondering, that is Pete my husband getting squashed by the cat that just moved in one day and called our house home . We call her Fatty!
I must just admit that Pete helps a hell of a lot in the workshop! Lucky for me he is just one of those people who just does not seem to need sleep and will simply wake up at 3 in the morning with nothing to do! Unlucky for him I have found a way for him to spend his extra time and he now opens all the moulds for me and generally potters around until he goes  for a paddle. Then while traffic is bad he will help me some more and then he comes back as soon as he can in the afternoons to help me clamp the moulds! So I can't really complain that he doesnt give 100% but fatty on the other hand. She is just there for Entertainment.

That is fatty in a pot minding her own business!
Back to Pete and all his helping! One thing he is not good at is getting sticky and thats a big part of what I do! No matter how many gloves you go through you are going to get sticky And clothes, well if you go in wearing something dont ever expect to wear it out again! Mess Rules! The other thing with Pete is that unlike me nothing is a rush and he likes to take his time! Nothing  wrong with that we just happen to be on opposite ends of the scale thats all!
But the one thing I have been looking forwards to finnally happend! He sat down with his graphic designer and then printed the stickers I have been pining over for the last few months! I am very excited and I am hoping they will make a huge difference! Here are a few we put on yesterday! Keep your eyes peeled to see more!

Thanks Pete  you are awesome!