Thomas and Eric 3rd
Well after so many K2 Duzi Canoe marathons it felt quite different sitting in cape Town and not being apart of the action, not that I had missed all the Xmas training of running with the boat, waiting for the next thunderstorm so you can trip the river and all the other things you sacrifice when taking the Duzi seriously.
Well sitting in cape Town it was great to watch the progress of Martin Dreyers Change a life Academy Athletes progress throughout the race, Orka Paddles has been involved with them from the beginning and it has been great to watch there progress culminating this year Thomas and Eric claiming the final spot on the podium.
Craig and Miles 5th
Apart from Martins athletes the other boat I was really interested in was my old Duzi training partner Craig Turton and his new partner Miles Rassmussen, after a really hard day one they hung on for a great 5th place....not bad for Orka 2 boats in the top five of the biggest canoe race, and definitly a great tester of paddling equipment.
The racing upfront was really tight with the new combination of Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham prevailing in a dramatic final day over the much fancied crew of Ant Stott and Michael Mbanjwa.
In the ladies Abbey and her new partner Robyn Kime had a great race to win by a comfortable margin.

Martin, Thomas and Eric celebrate at the finish.              Miles and Craig celebrate crossing the line.