If there is one thing I have taken a little time to realize, its that I'm an all or nothing kind of person. I don’t’ know why it took me so long to realize but I think sometimes we like to think of ourselves in one way and after our friends...and enemies keep repeating the same thing about us we slowly get the message! Well I have anyway... I think... sort of ?

Looking back on it now I suppose I have always been that way but just believed it to be normal and not in any way extreme! If you know me well you are probably having a quiet chuckle to yourself right now!

Maybe it was my dad telling me for all those years that "if you going to do something then do it properly!" He used to scare me half to death when I was small so, do things properly I would! Problem on his side was that it was not always the right thing to do! But live and learn and in the end I think I have turned out all right! 

The point I am slowly waffling towards is this:
For the last year I have decided that I am now going to shift my focus in life and make a real go at Orka Paddles! Shift in my world meaning...give it 100% undivided 24/7 attention and let nothing come in my way! It’s something I am excited and passionate about so I have enjoyed just about every minuet of it. Baring the stuff ups and complications! But me being me it has come first!

So when Bill Harker organizer of the Dunlop Durban World Cup gave me a call the other day I was convinced that he was looking for a few extra prizes. So while he rambled on about the awesome sponsor he has managed to secure in Dunlop and how this year would be better than ever I was busy sorting out in my head exactly how much I could afford to get Orka involved! When he did finally get to his point I had to take a second breath and say WHAT? What he was wanting to know was if I would please come and do his race! Half an hour on the phone and that’s what he was wanting to know! I was way off the point and a bit baffled by the request!


He said “take your time give it some thought” but I knew the minute the words left his mouth what my answer would be! How to say it took a little time to think about. But here goes my best attempt yet:


For sure I will come and do the race! Billy always puts on a top class event so it’s sure to be a ‘cracker’ in his words! As far as racing goes that’s where I am not sure people can ever really understand? One day I hope they will, but for now I can only explain in my words. The last two Durban world Cup events have given me two of my most cherished results that I will always be proud of! Two results that took full focus and dedication! They were a dream come true but not shy of any hard work! So I know what it takes to race a race of this nature and as I say I am not one to give less than my best and that’s just me I’m afraid. But on the good side Pete has offered to drag me along the course in a double so at least I can feel a part of it all and I can deserve a beer or 6 at the finish line!


So Yes I’m there and hope you will be too!