What a race, probably the best conditions to have for a race of this nature, small surf, moderate SE wind with small technical runs to the 1st beach turn, big field and tight racing.
The racing upfront was really hard with Dawid Mocke showing all of his experience to hold off the young guns, Tom, Jasper and Sean and Michelle Eray winning from Rebecca and Nikki.
The race report is on surfski.info an the race results are on surfski.co.za
Rob Mausley ( man of many talents) also too some great photos, here are a few of the Orka Paddlers in action:

Angie (Inner),
Ashley (Inner),Daantjie (Super Flex)

Jade (outer), Jayden (Inner 10th)

Jono (Super Flex), Jurgen (Super Flex)

Alexa (Flex)

Lex (Flex), Lyle (BMin)
Myles (Flex), Pete (Super Flex)

FHSLSC (Rescue Boat),  Rory (Inner 9th)

Sean (Super Flex)

Sean (Inner)

            Start, Steve (Inner)                                                                 
       Tom (Super Flex 2nd)                                                                        Andrew Ross ( BMax 12th)
             Ian Trautman (Super Flex 8th)                                                                      Turn