Today the paddlers left the heart of the Swartland and started heading more west towards the coast and the mouth of the berg river.

It started at Bridgetown at the top of the Misverstand  Dam the first 15km is all on the dam so large bunches form with not to many paddlers willing to pull with such a long day ahead. At the dam wall it was a group of eight that arrived and included all the contenders, after a frantic 600m portage and a few intervals it all it all seemed to settle down again with a bunch of 6, that is until the portage at the Moravia low level bridge, the river is so high that it is going right over the road and creating a horrid backwash on the other side.

It was here that the days decisive break came Graeme snapped his paddle on the portage, quickly got his spare but that was all the front 4(Hank, PW, Lance, Heinrich) needed to GO and leave Graeme and Ernest to see out the day. On a river like the berg especially Day 3, four guys working together as a diamond can do a lot of damage, the river is wide and fast flowing with few obstacles.

At the end of the stage it was PW who took the sprint from Heinrich, Hank and Lance with Graeme and Ernest finishing 6min later.

In the ladies race the top 2 stuck together all day, so Lindi keeps her 50 sec lead going into tomorrows 4th and final day.