Well the first grading race is behind us, and I have just got back from doing the 1st Cape Point  Qualifier. in Langebaan, and it was honest.If you are wondering if you qualified the results should be up shortly.  General rule of thumb for the qualifiers is that you need to finish within 25% of the average of the top four paddlers, IE. work on being less than 15min behind for every hour raced by the leaders.
On a different note i would like to congratulate Sean rice on his Mayors Cup victory, if you can finish that Cape Point will be a doddle. Here are some photos of that race.
The Conditions just after the start

Down the back Straight

Chuffed but Stuffed
Well if you could not get to Langebaan today or battled don't worry there is still time for hard work or if you are battling in a single find someone and do doubles it is far easier especially into the wind and is a good way to get a Cape Point under the belt, I did my first one this way and thouroughly enjoyed it.....just do all your long paddles in the double dont worry to much about the shorter training sessions those are good to do in singles.
Week 7
Mon 26 Oct : Rest ( Well earned and well deserved after a solid week)
Tues 27 Oct : Time Trial do a good warm up, race your mates.
Wed 28 Oct : 10 x 4 min easy 20min paddle to finish
Thur 29 Oct : 6 x 2000m time trials, work hard
Fri 30 Oct : 10 km easy Sea Paddle
Sat 31 Oct : 35 km out and back paddle, race attire
Sun 1 Nov : Race 3 of the Discovery mens Health Series 12 km Fish Hoek

You should really be getting stronger now. Cross training is always a good idea if you have the time but dont substitute it for time in the boat unless you have to. Here swimming ,running or gym work are good things to do, try to keep the gym light with lots of reps. Great boby weight exersises include Pull ups, sit ups and push ups.
Have a productive week.