Well 4 weeks down by now, and for me some great paddles already.The morning swamp sessions have started and already the usual banter is about, and for a week that has not exactly had showroom paddling conditions, the turnout has been great, so if you are battling for motivation to get up......try make Sandvlei at 5 45am.
Over the next few weeks I will try to break the Cape Point course down into sections and give a few good tips of what to expect. I am going to start backwards as I believe the section you should always know best of a race course is the last section. This is when you are at your most fatigued and liable to make mistakes. So for Cape Point that would be the famous Millers Run.

Millers Google Earth Course
On my first Cape point which was done in strong SE winds I had friends who pulled out at Millers and when I asked why the response was that they were hating the side wind and swell, well if only they had done there home work they would have realized that from there to Fish Hoek(Finish) is all straight down wind. On getting to millers you will have 11.5 km to go to Fish Hoek and two very distinctive landmarks in front of you, the Roman Rock Lighthouse and the Quarry dug out of thr mountain to the left of Fish Hoek, your first objective is the lighthouse this lines you up pretty well, you want to be just left of it . There are now 5km to go and straight in front of you are 2 Bays to the left of the Quarry Glencairn and to the right Fish Hoek and the finish it sounds simple but many a paddler has ended up in Glencairn Bay and a side on paddle to Fish Hoek.Next week I will discuss what to do from Millers to FH in a NW (head) wind.
If you live in Cape Town and are doing the Cape Point please do this section as it makes the race that much easier. On last Saturdays long paddle we paddled from FH all the way along the coast to just past millers then turned and caught runs all the way back, when we got to the beach one of the paddlers who is training for her first Cape Point in a single was beaming from ear to ear and very chuffed as she had done her first millers run  in a single, must be the first person ever to have to paddle to millers  to do their first millers Run.....so no excuses about not having a driver, just paddle there.
Week 5 of 14 will be slightly easier so all can have a great grading race on Saturday...Good Luck
Mon 12 Oct : REST
Tues 13 Oct : Time Trial, remember you can swap this around depending on when you local TT is.
Wed 14 Oct:Warm up,  4 x 6min, 8 x 2min ( 2min rest between 6min,1 min betwen 2min) WD
Thur 15 Oct:WU 4 x 2000m good rest between try to beat last weeks times.
Fri 16 Oct : 10km easy paddle or rest
Sat 17 Oct : 1.5hr Sea paddle, check equipment,race ready
Sun 18 Oct : Grading race Simons Town, good warm up very NB,enjoy GOOD LUCK

Have a great week.
Early Millers Run Pioneers Willie,Peter,Paul and Mike( No Fenns,Epics or Safety gear is sight)