Well hopefully you are well on your way and looking to have some great ocean paddling over the weekend.....good luck and enjoy.
Hopefully by next week there will be a separate header page for Cape Point Training on this site.
I know for myself that while we still have passing cold fronts here in Cape Town it is often quite hard to motivate yourself to get out onto the water, but the great thing is if you can persevere now it gets easier and easier, the days get longer and warmer and you get fitter and some how all the cold sessions seem to be forgotten.
With all the discussion on surfski.info at the moment re down wind racing versus flat paddling it is great to know that with Cape Point you can always be assured of a bit of everything as well as some spectacular scenery and the satisfaction of having paddled around the South Western most point of the African Continent.
So in summarizing  for the long paddles on a Saturday no driver is required, best to paddle out and back on the open Ocean.I always try to do the out leg into the wind and then have the joy of turning for home and enjoying the downwind section to finish with (pudding).
Week 2 of 14
Mon 21 Sept - REST
Tues 22 Sept - Good warm up then your local 10km time trial ( good gauge of where you are fitness wise)
Wed 23 Sept - Intervals warm up 10min, 8 x 4min, 2 min rest between, try to train with a mate do the first 4 changing the
                      pull after 2 min( so you pull 2min and your friend pulls 2min, then rest X 4 the next 4 you pull the full 4 min                       then rest and your friend pulls 4min ( great motivation to train in a group)
Thur 24 Sept - Same as week 1 Warm up 10min, 4 x 10min (2000m) rest 2min between, warm down.
Fri 25 Sept - REST
Sat 26 Sept - Long paddle, again out and back 1hr 45min( 20 - 25km), train like you will race,IE start already using                               the juice you will use on race day, life jacket and tie your self in.
Sun 27 Sept - 10-15 km downwind paddle.

If you have time available it is always good to throw in a morning run, cycle,swim or Gym as cross training, but this should not take the place of the Paddling training.

The satisfaction of rounding Cape Point!