Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks training up, you should be chomping at the bit to get stuck into the last 2 weeks of build up for the Fenn Cape Point Challenge.

Awesome full moon morning at the Swamp
Well last week summer arrived in Cape Town, awesome wind free mornings to get some quality training in on the Swamp, and by the afternoon howling SE for some great Millers Runs.
Congrats to all of those who finished The Peninsula Marathon, looked like 2 days of solid flat water paddling with the added bonus of being able to paddle around one of Cape Towns Iconic features Robben Island.

Robben Island
Well this week is the start of the taper for Cape point the sessions get shorter but also harder, real quality.
Week 13
Mon 7th Dec : REST
Tues 8th Dec : Time Trial really aim for your bets time this week.
Wed 9th Dec : WU, 2 x 5min, 5 x 1min, 1 x 5min, 5 x 1min, 1min rest between intervals, 2min between sets.WD
Thur 10th Dec: 3 x4km steady in a bunch,change the pull every 1km
Fri 11th Dec : Sea dog or Millers run SE is Back.
Sat 12th Dec : Solid downwind paddle, Millers Run!
Sun 13th Dec : Peter Creese Lighthouse race, great test of where you are at.
Rember QUALITY, QUALITY,QUALITY  Have a great week