Well after Saturday everybody should have qualified, The last three weeks should be spent honing those surf skills, spending as much time on the Sea as possible, millers runs, lighthouse paddles etc, really working on those sea legs.

Yesterdays qualifier was a good honest affair, no where to hide if you were not fit and what a turn out, over 100 paddlers took on the course, with over 100 qualifying, having to organize the qualifier did not allow me to do the distance I needed to do yesterday so with perfect conditions this morning I got on at Scarborough at 5am and did the 50km to Fish Hoek with good friend Dom. And what great conditions, pretty flat the whole way to Cape Point then a few small bumps home to Fish Hoek.

One of my main reasons for the paddle was to refresh myself with the various landmarks along the way and get accurate distances for them. Here are things to look out for and distances from the start.

The start at Scarborough was today like the Med but can throw up the odd wave or two, the first kelp beds are Olifantsbos and are after 4km, the Kelp seemed very thick today so best to go around, 2nd was the shipwreck at the Hoek van Bobbejaan after 8km where you can clearly see the old boiler of the ship that ran aground there, there is then a long flat 10km to Platboom at 18km, also best to go around these kelp beds, Platboom is a long beach just after a large kelpbed and gives you a good view of the Cape of Good Hope which many a paddler has mistaken for Cape Point. Off this land mark is the renownned SW Reefs, it is a long way around but pretty hairy going through as the Swells peak and drop, breaking every now and again SW Reefs is at 22km and you can now clearly see Cape Point in front of you and Dias Beach to the left, it is here that the sea becomes an absolute mess with waves coming from all directions  with the swells rebounding of the cliffs and bouncing all over the place this section is 2.5km long, try to keep the boat speed up and work the various angles. Cape Point is rounded at 24.5km and comes as a great relief to have the wind behind you and Fish Hoek in front of you.

The mess at  Cape Point
From here Millers rock is reached after 38.5km, Roman Rock lighthouse after 45 and the finish at 50km.I have gone into detail about these sections in previous posts.

Hope these markers help and remember dont slack off now just because you have qualified. To enter you can either do it through surfski.co.za or fishhoeksurf.co.za.

Training week 12
Mon 30 Nov: Rest
Tues 1 Dec : 10 km TT you should now be dominating.
Wed 2 Dec : 10 x 4min changing the pull after 2min do it hard 2min rest between
Thur 3 Dec : Solid 1hr 30 sea paddle, out and back.( the evenings are longer so no excuses)
Fri 4 Dec : Rest or easy 10 km on the Sea
Sat 5 Dec : Day 1 of the Peninsula marathon or 2 hrs downwind
Sun 6 Dec : Day 2 Peninsula marathon or 1 hr 30 out and back

Enjoy train hard min dae.