Well five weeks to go, well into November, sunny weather, strong SE down winds and waking up in the morning has become easy. Well it has been anything but this, the only true statement is that there are five weeks to go. I personally have done reverse down winds 7 times in the last 8 days, at this time of the year the wind should be SE and millers to Fish Hoek and Buffels to Fish hoek the order of the day well for the last 8 days the wind has howled NW and we have been going the opposite direction.......Climate Change the experts will tell you.
There have been some absolute clasics and some not so clasics, Sat race was great a reverse Buffels(22km) see the report on surfski.info, then on Tuesday we did it again and went 4min faster.

Myself and Graeme racing through Partridge Point, Simon v Guysen on the comeback trail.

The big boys before the Start
Well those are the good ones, on the Friday before the race Myself, Sean Rice and Jayen Alford Loots  decided to recce the course, things were going great guns to Millers when suddenly the wind turned slightly and started blowing straight out to sea, we soldiered on for a while to Partridge Point where we decided to pull out, there is one lonely house on Partridge Point and a lot of rocks and bush ( there is cellphone reception though) so here we started our bush drill and clamour up to the house, trudge up the gravel road and hitch home...might of been easier to carry on. Things to learn tie yourself in, Jayden, carry a cell phone, Jayden had one and it puts all at ease if you phone the driver straight away and let them know you are fine, no worring on the other end, and easy to call someone so you can get picked up. Carry a Camera so as to get Photographic evidence that can be used By Mike in the DWASOPE Diaries on surfski.info......I am sure he will tell a better story.

Bush  Drill and  Mountainering, The house, the garden and rolling lawn needs a little work!

Final obstacle, the GATE. View from the top.

All good, hitching back to the Club and a cold Beer.
Week 10
Mon16 Nov : REST
Tues 17 Nov : Time Trial
Wed 18 Nov : Warm Up, 3 x 8min, 3 x 4in, 3 x 2min ( 1min between int and 2 min between sets) try to do on the Sea
Thur 19 Nov : Warm Up 10 x 4min ( 2min rest)
Friday 20 Nov : 10km Easy
Sat 21 Nov : 35 km on the Sea ( take all race equipment..Full Juice)
Sun 22 Nov : Race Oceana and Hong Kong Dragon Run

Have a great race in Knysna this weekend ( looking mean) rest up for 2 days and hit it hard for the final run in to Cape Point.