Yesterday saw the first of two Cape Point Challenge Qualifiers at Fish Hoek, the next is on the 28th November, meet 6am FHSLSC. With all the howling NW gales the day before and the predicted on for the day it really turned out to be a great paddle.
The course took the paddlers from Fish Hoek to the beach at Smitswinkel Bay and back to Fish Hoek via the Simons Town Harbour and Yacht Basin (34km), there were a few runs to be had on the way there and pretty flat coming home, a good honest paddle. All qualified, it is good to try and do the Qualifiers even if you have already qualified, good practice, always paddlers around you easy way to log the milage.
It was also great for me to see three Fish Hoek junior life savers taking on the challenge and qualifing if you go through the results of the races week in and out you will notice that 80% of the top guys have cut there teeth as Fish Hoek Life savers, so who knows Dom, Ant or Craig could be the next Dawid, Jasper or Paul.

Cape Point Qualifier Fish Hoek  08-11-09 (Light NW, Fish Hoek to Smits Beach and Back via Simons Town)


1. 5872  Jasper Mocke               2hr 50min

2. 5101  Peter Cole                    2 hr 50min

3. 5414 & 5174  Sean Butler & Rob Maclean  2hr 50min

4. 5958  Sean Rice                      2hr 50 min

5. 5943  Justin Maddock             2hr 55min

6. 5991  Jayden Alford Loots      2hr 55min

7.5196  Quinton Miller               2hr 56min

8.5140  Jean & Morray Wilson   2hr 56min

9. 5751  Steve Farrell                   2hr 57min

10.5614  Rob & Liz Hart             2hr 57min

11. 5835  Mike De Villiers           2hr 58min

12. 5219  Ant Pearse                     3hr 00min

13.5118  Paul Marais                    3hr 03min

14.5367  Dom Strano                   3hr 06min

15.5647  Heath Keyser                 3hr06min

16.5873  Greg Barnard                 3hr 11min

17. 5634  Stuart Jones                  3hr 12min

18. 5890  Dave Hitchcock            3hr14min

19.5103  Garth Watters                3hr 14min

20.5178  Jurgen Geitener             3hr 17min

21.  Dom Notten & Craig Flannegan  3hr 20min

22.  Roddy V Breda              3hr 21min

23.  Ant  Lake                       3hr 26min

24.  Andrew Torr                  3 hr 26min

25.5833  Deon Joubert                  3hr 32min

26.5587  Jemma Hofmeyer           3 hr33min


All qualified