I’m pretty sure I’m not the only girl in the world that can’t stand having limitations guys generally never experience! Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy being a girl and wouldn’t change it for the world but there are just certain moments when I think too myself “flip is that really fair”

Strangely my biggest gripe would be brute strength! Yes, sad but true, that’s all I have ever really admired. I have spent plenty hours in the gym trying to create this shall I say convenient accessories but no matter how hard I try I will always only be “strong FOR A GIRL!”


This little frustration along with an independence issue where I loath asking for help finds me doing some pretty amazing contortions in order to achieve simple things such as ‘opening a Jar’. Today however this little obsession backfired and left me feeling very confused. Help me out here:

I had a small job to do using a saw. It’s a job I have learnt to do quite confidently on my own and with a good success rate. But today Pete was in and around and offered his help which is always handy and never not appreciated! So I handed him the saw and was looking to continue with some other urgent job only to be asked to stand and help with the sawing job I thought I had handed over. With a few huffs and puffs I helped hold while he did the sawing. I couldn’t work out why this job now all of a sudden needed two people to do?

When Pete flipped and asked what my problem was I explained what I couldn’t understand and he simply responded with “It’s because I’m stronger and I apply more force!” Oh how simple mmm?

What? Could there actually be a benefit to being week?

Having given it some thought I still stick with my original thought, No! But, perhaps one dose adapt to ones limitations a lot quicker than to ones abilities. Am I making sense or should I just stick to using the saw when he is not there to Unhelp?