Top Breede Crews both using Orka Paddles. picture John Hishin,Drumbeat Photography

Well it was good to be back on the Breede River racing the Brrede River Canoe Marathon a 75 km canoe race just outside Cape Town.The race again was huge success, good water, great surroundings and spent with great friends all made for a superb weekend.
It also gave me great pleasure that the race was ultimatly won by Lance King and PW Basson both using Orka Super Flex paddles, they both had had great races on the Berg using the same blades but battled early on in the K2 season and asked me to make them longer paddles and since then they have really upped there game and done really well.

Bellow I have added some more Breede photos showing how not to do it, surfski paddlers Sean Rice and Steve Farrell showing us how to collect Crayfish on the Breede.

I think the Crayfish are here!                                          Steve, "you must put your head under to find them"

I will try looking near this tree. Okay lets find the boat there are none here, we will have to wait for Scarbrough in summer.

Sorry Paul that is your fancy Boat. I told them to use the Foxbat.

All in all a great weekend I cant wait for the Bontebok in 2 weeks time.