I had the joy of watching Pete try and fish his Garmin out from the bottom of the Vlei Yesterday! Unlucky for him he had leant out one of our units to one of the girls in the training group who had a fatal accident with  it! She managed to knock it loose and not only drown it, but sink it to the bottom of the vlei for the rest of its sad life!


Its not for lack of trying that we have not found it I might just add! When poor old Jax sank it she did manage to rustle up a small crowd of volunteers to rescue it but with no luck! When she came round to tell us about it later I though her parents had been in an accident she looked so distraught! At first I was very sympathetic and understanding and then I realized it was mine! I didn’t even know Pete had leant it out!


Once we had recollected our thoughts we were more than positive that with some diving equipment and some effort we would surely find it I mean things don’t just disappear!  Luck would have it that I have never done a scuba course so I would have to be CHIEF  directing from the bank!


Now our Vlei is not the most inviting swamp to take a dip in so I had a lot of encouraging to do! So at 4pm Sunday afternoon there were no takers on the help a friend front! Most claim to have done there bit earlier and were still suffering from a form of skin rash others had emergency braais etc! So there we were me on  the bank with the main culprit (who conveniently left her swimming kit at home) and then Poor Peter who had the scuba kit! We helped him kit up and then climb in armed with a pool scoop.


When the first scoop of black sludge came up Pete eagerly squelched through it with his fingers! Nothing! That would have been me game over! It looked disgusting! He persevered for another  20min and then stood up covered in duck weed and black smelly sludge! I couldn’t help myself; this was the best thing I had seen all weekend! As I canned myself Pete looked around to find that it was not only me and Jax having a proper giggle but all the local residents had left their Braais and couches to come see what on earth the odd man was up to!


I asked them if any of them were interested in crayfish but they either didn’t speak English or they thought we had been smoking something! Anyway I can say we tried! Now if anyone has tips on how to get the stench out of Pete’s wetsuit DO TELL!