The Berg River Canoe marathon starts today, unofficially that is with the time trial for those that are looking for a good start position! It is the oldest and grandest canoe race we have in the Cape and spans four days and 240km on the Berg River .It starts officially tomorrow  in the heart of the Cape winelands district in the town of Paarl flows through the large wheat growing area of the Swartland and finishes 240km later at the small West coast fishing village of  Velddrif.


It is a race that kind of defined my paddling, you are not a Cape paddler if you have not done the Berg so straight out of juniors off I went trained very hard and sneaked a 2nd,this really made me believe that anything was possible paddling wise, since then I have done another 5 and although they have all been incredible with some being in flood others drought they were all equally rewarding for different reasons.


So it’s  the seeding time trial  where the top 50 or so competitors get to race it out in order to get a starting position for tomorrow’s official start. It’s a bit like a faulty gun going off though. Nobody is ever really sure what everyone is up to.


All the good guys just want a front row seeding but never want to hurt themselves or heaven forbid, show there form! So mind games deluxe! The rest of the guys struggle to claim a 3rd row or anything they can grab! I say its defiantly worth doing!


You can decide not to do the time trial if you are happy with a 6th row seeding or further back. And I suppose lots of people don’t mind that and they are really just there to have fun and finish, and that’s all that counts in the end. There is nothing wrong with that at all but I would say that getting on the river the day before and stretching out all the muscles, getting the heart rate up and double checking the boat is 100% ready is never a bad thing!

I don’t think anyone who has done the training for berg with all that distance in them now can possible do any damage by giving the time trial a bash!


Give it horns and good luck I might go and watch tomorrow and hope so see you there!

If you want todays time trial results go to :