Well today is stunning here in Cape Town, clear skies and a light SE wind (tail wind for the paddlers) and a full river as I said yesterday today is my favourite section of the Berg, most of my long training paddles are done on this section the 46km from Zonquasdrift to Bridge Town seems to hold the water better there are less Blue Gum trees and more natural Palmiet channels (the river is less spoilt and in its natural state).

And today Hank came out to race, with the stage being more natural it does not really vary from year to year and hence the more Bergs at various levels you have done the more river knowledge  you will have in the memory bank, and today Hank used his to great effect. The front three having finished together on day 1 started together on day 2  and within the first 30min Hank had made his move and broken away from the other 2 and slowly built up a 2min 30sec lead by the end ….. a very handy cushion to have considering they all start together tomorrow on the dam and race the longest day (72km) , to Soutkloof  with a solid portage around the dam wall after 15km.Lance won the end sprint  with Graeme and PW held onto 4th after a long solo paddle having lost contact near the end of yesterdays stage.

It is now up to Graeme and Lance to make a move to try and gain back the time they lost today.

In the ladies race Robyn pulled back most of her deficit from day1 to be only 50sec back, the ladies race is really turning into a humdinger between these two.

Anyway on the lighter side of things, This is definitely one of those races you have to love to hate but sometimes you have to think to yourself..."How the Hell?"

Lucky for this person we cant quite make out the boat number or his face (you can just make him out in the tree), so he can carry on as if nothing happened