Hank McGregor paddles closer to a record seventh Berg win.

In the second and shortest day of the Windhoek Berg River Canoe marathon, defending champion Hank McGregor made his move on the Cape contenders on a full flowing Berg, taking a critical step closer to a record seventh Berg title, while in the ladies race, Robyn Kime extended her lead to almost 30min.

The start of Day Two saw Lance King starting three seconds behind McGregor, in elapsed time. King worked hard to catch McGregor and they raced most of the day together, having dropping Schloms just after the start. “ Hank wasn’t allowing Henirich (Schloms) to catch us.

The river had risen a dramatic 14 cumecs over night after heavy rain drenched the Cape, throwing channels into play that would not normally be open. This set the scene for a dramatic breakaway by McGregor, ensuring him a four minute lead going into tomorrow’s 74.8km Day Three stage, and putting him in the best position he has ever been in after Day Two.

"Thirty five minutes from the end of the race we came to a place where the river split into two channels, I took the right hand line and Lance took the left. When I saw him again 3 minutes later at the end of the channel, he was 60 metres behind me. This is when I put down the hammer.” said McGregor.

In the ladies race, Robyn Kime opened up her Day One lead to 30 minutes over second placed Donna Winter.

Further back in the field, Solo Adventurer Riaan Manser, who has only been paddling on the river for just over a month, spoke to us about his experience on Day 1 of the Berg. “ Since this is the 4th time I am sitting in my boat, I feel like I am doing remarkably well. I felt strong at yesterday’s finish, despite my 10 swims - one of which happened when I turned around to chat to a fellow competitor!"

Tomorrow is the longest stage of the Berg, with paddlers undertaking the 74.8kms from Bridgetown to Zoutkloof. For more information visit www.windhoekberg.co.za.

Day 2 Overall Results
1. Hank McGregor 7:21.05
2. Lance King 7:24.54
3. Heinrich Schloms 7:27.02
4. Pierre- Andre Rabie 7:37.59
5. Edgar Boehm Jnr 7:40.48
6. Marc Holtzhausen 7:45.23
7. Alasdair Glass 7:51.06
8. Greg van Heerden 7:52.20
9. Chris De Waal 7:52.20
10. Louw van Riet 7:55.50

1. Robyn Kime 8:22.11
2. Donna Winter 8:52.00
3. Robyn Henderson 8:57.31