We are one week into the New Year and already I know 2011 is going to be a good one! The weather has been perfect days long hot and windless which is something special when you live in Cape Town!

With Cape Point long since done and dusted there leaves a big what next question for most of the Capies but if you are in Natal or even Joies I suppose its Duzi till you drop! I feel for all you guys trying to run with you boats at the moment! That has to be one of the most unnatural things to do! But just as I say that with a little training somehow shoulders seem to mould into the shape of a boat some people even produce extra bones to compensate! So train, train, train and things always seem to come right!

Here at ORKA Paddles spirits are high! We managed to take a quick 5 days off between Christmas and New Year  to catch our breath and gear up for the year ahead! But not before a much deserved Party!

Looking back on it now I think our Christmas party has to be one of my highlights for 2010 and if I could have a party like that once a month I know I would! I think it was special for a few reasons but always it comes down to people! I have the two most amazing guys working with me at the moment! Becken from the DRC and Wanda the elusive paddles from Mussie (the informal settlement near Kommetjie) They are the type of guys that would take the shirt off their own backs even though they have nothing to replace it with! And then still check to see if they cannot do more for you!

Any way what happened was when the surf ski series auction happened this year I told my guys if we take all the old paddles we have lying around in the work shop and spruced them up they would look good as new and then if we managed to sell some at the auction then we would use the money for a Christmas party! Depending on how much we made etc we could invite others to join us!

So long story short we did very well, so well that we even had a few T shirts made and then invited all the Young oaks  in Cape Town who use our blades to join us....Becken brought is wife Bongie along too and I was super stoked she got stuck in too!

Check it out!...Beckon manning the Auction!... the team having a pose Beckon loving the lime light+Lance King & Tom Schilperoot Jayden and the VEST Sean Rice strutting his stuff up the alley Trying not to whatch the gutter admin!   Tom with his eye on the target

Ali Glass pleased with his background training of R13 bowling and 1 x free beer!

  Beckon going for gold  Now I need idaes for the next PARTY

The lucky thing was we kept this for after the Cape Piont because believe it or not bowling makes you STIFF!!!