Making me sit down at this computer is a big step! I think because it signifies being back at work officially! Truth be told I have had to come back a lot earlier than I would have wished and in fact I have been back for two months already!  But somehow having just stayed in the workshop and avoided the computer feels like I have just been stuffing around! That must show how much I really enjoy my job!

Since I have come back to work the atmosphere in the workshop has been awesome! Becken my number one helper has exploded into his new leadership role with enthusiasm, as Wanda my new man has come in and had an extremely steep learning curve! I will write a blog on each of them as they are both amazing characters that keep me entertained every day! But I will save that for another day!

If you are confused as to why I was out the workshop in the first place then you should know that I just had a baby boy! In my opinion the best little boy in the whole world! But I may be a little bias ... but I am not sure you can be the judge.

Our little guys name is  Jarryd  Craig  Cole and at 4 months is weighing in at 9,5kg so not so little! In fact I think I may be stronger than ever after lugging him around everywhere! And just to let you know what they say about children changing your life and being the best thing ever I do agree! Another strange thing that keeps happening is that people are amazed that I have taken to being a mother so easily but I think they forget that I studied and worked as a pre-school teacher and loved my job for 3 years before paddling professionally! And the other fact that people find strange is that I have always wanted a baby! Ever since I can remember I have loved babies! Now I just cant believe I waited so long to have one! But saying that I am also glad I did because I needed to get racing out of my system! For me I feel that is best. Now I can train if I feel up to it or simply enjoy Jarryd if I don’t!

So in a nutshell Life is Good, better than ever, way more than I could have hoped and dreamed for and as I always say things always seem to happen for a reason and if you stick out the grizzly bits the good days will be even better!

Oh and a parting word is “what goes around comes around” so do UN to others know the deal. I just needed to let it be said!