Well after thinking I had retired in 2008 to have our first child, Jarryd born in May 2010, I am quite surprised to find myself back in a boat. It all happened quite by chance. Pete has got a fantastic Orka Training Squad running with some of the best paddlers in the world hammering it out daily on the Swamp in preparation for various races. Included in this bunch are some extreemly tallented junior paddlers who he wanted to take to the SA Marathon Champs in Durban in August. I thought it would be a great idea to tag along and support, catch up with old friends and just enjoy myself.

With the ticket booked I thought I was off to Durban for a holiday, wrong!! A great friend of ours had just moved his business close to the Swamp and suggested we start paddling at lunchtime, this really appealed to me, no early mornings and generally less wind to contend with (the wind gets up on the Swamp in the afternoons). Well this was all going well so I decided to see how I would do in the weekly time trial, which also went better than I thought and as they say the rest was History, I entered SA's and managed to win the race which then booked me a spot for the World Marathon Champs in Singapore. Having left my boat there to be freighted to Singapore there was no turning back.

I realised I had 10 weeks to really put in some hard training so after a call to my old fitness guru, informing Ant we were going to have to up it a bit at lunch times, finding out when Sean Rice was hitting the Gym and organising Pete to coach a bit more from the bank while looking after Jarryd things started to fall into place.

I got some great distance in while doing the Breede River pre races, raced the Breede in the main field, thanks Jack's and all that was required was some good speed sessions which I got while Craig, Dom, Kirsten and Jodi were on holiday and also putting in the hard yards for Singapore.

So it was off to Singapore we went, Jarryd included, Steve Jourdan the South African Manager organised it all fantastically, I am not sure if he has ever had such a young supporter tagging along but Steve thanks again. As always it is a great trip with great people and I get to race the best ladies paddlers in  the world.

Well the thing that hits you first when arriving in Singapore is the heat, added to this the very high humidity I knew racing would be tough. The course was also race at Marina Bay in the heart of Singapore with lots of boat traffic. During our first few paddles I found it extreemly bumpy, but after lowering my seat settled in nicely. The portage was a jetty take out and put in with the run being accross a floating soccer pitch....definitly a first. Craig and Kirstens Mom, Sue volunteered to look after jarryd while I raced and Pete seconded...Thanks Sue. So all that was left to do was get in my boat and race my guts out for 6 laps around the Singapore Marathon Circuit.

After not the best of starts I managed to work my way up to the bunch fighting for 3rd at the end of the second lap, slowly it wittled down to three of us and so it stayed with myself ending 5th. The highlight of the trip was to come a little later when Hank raced an absolutly superb race to win the Mens Race, and with it the World Marathon Title for 2011.

Well I am now back in Cape Town and still on the Swamp, I have been approached by an Italian Surfski Manufacturing Company (All Wave) to race their new Surfski in Hong Kong and Dubai at the end of the month, so with the Summer Surfski season in full swing in Cape Town I got to race the boat for the first time on Sunday. So far I have really found it great in the conditions I have managed to paddle in. The race went really well, race report to follow!!
So with 2 weeks before I am really hoping for a few downwinds to really put the boat through its paces.

See you on the water.