Sorry for the long intervals between blogs, well Alexa and I had a baby boy (Jarryd) two months ago so I have been trying to help out as much as possible and hence the lack of blogs. I promise to get onto her to write a blog with pictures of the little one.
Well after a fairly quiet time surfski race wise there is suddenly a huge amount of racing to be done by the top guys. It all started last weekend with the ASKR in Norway followed by the Seamasters in Sweden, Next New York Mayors Cup, San Fransisco (US Surfski Champs), Chicago (Shoreline Marathon), Portugal and so the list goes on.

Local Press
After the European Surfki Champs in Spain in May and the Surfski World Cup in Durban, I had a long chat with Sean Rice who I have been helping train for a few years now, trying to map his way forward, as a youngster they just want to do everything and hardly have time to actually build up to something and try out some new ideas I have had for a while but needed a solid block to implement, they just go from race to race.

The Start.
With so many races to choose from you really now have to prioritise some and leave some for next year. So it has been great to get in some solid training and now hopefully use this in the races ahead.
Sean has really got into it and it is always great to have someone trust what you are doing (most of the time) and really put in the hard yards during our winters.
Well by all accounts the ASKR (Arctic Surfski Race) was a fantastic experience. Great scenery, course and hospitality, and if you know Sean that means good food and lots of it.
The race its self had a very hectic thunderstorm pass over half way through, which really had the competitors running for cover, rain wind and lightning all around you is scary at the best of times but when on a surfski in the middle of the Ocean even more so.

The Course and Surroundings, The Prawn powering on!!!
Sean managed to win ahead of Fredrik Ness and Eric Veraas Larsen, which is always but most important have a great week training hard catching up with Emily and getting the mind right for the hard weeks ahead.

Happy with the win and the main reason for attending the ASKR......Emily.
PS Happy 21st on Monday