One of the great things about paddling is the people you get to meet. I've been lucky enough to make some unbelivable friends in my career, friends that will last a lifetime and always be there for me, no mattter what!

Then there are the friends who think theyre friends and no matter how hard you try you just cant shake em! (only jokes If your'e feeling a little self conscious and wondering if I'm referring to you breath a sigh of relief because I don't know anyone like that, Yet!)

I do have this one friend though...

I cant mention her name but I'll give you a clue

She is a Shape magazine model appearing in various editions in a green boat. She wins mother of the year award for freaking out when her 18 year old daughter went on a small millers run and now she personally did about one millers run a day over Christmas no matter how strong the wind! 

Being the great friend she is after about 3 weeks of begging she finnally checked out my new web site and then sent me this lovely mail:

Love your website. Please advise what paddle you think will suit me best, I am an experienced paddler, due to the years that I have been paddling, but not very good. I need a paddle to make me go faster! I have never built up much arm muscle, so must be doing something wrong. Please help. By the way, I am an older woman, medium weight, and height....with small boobs. Looking forward to your advice.

I love getting mail through my new site so I was quick to respond:

Well Ive given your dilemma a bit of thought and after realising I cant very well tell you that theirs no hope I came up with this:

Firstly implants

I would go for both boobs and biseps

then at least you can scare your apponents off and look good at the same time!

Secondly Big Guy (ie, Simon VG)

Put one of these in the front of your boat and I guarantee you will not only go faster but you will be the envy of all the girls eyes and thats more NB!

Lastly I think the good old Flat Paddle is for you!

They come out super heavy so you will never have it stolen in fact every where you go people will say "whos paddles this?" They're just jealous especially if you go  for the silver ones! I recommend painting fingers and toes ruby red with gold speckles!


Its not how fast you go

Its how good you look when you going slow!

So you see there is always a solution to any problem! If anyone else is looking for a little advice feel free to send a mail!