This squad is for paddlers who intend to follow the complete programme set out for them by Pete Cole.

The programme will follow the Intermediate sessions and then have further sessions added depending on race calendar, personal goal, and age and ability.

The athletes in the Elite squad will be required to attend all sessions set out for them, as well as the other sessions (Gym, Running, and Cross Training). One of the sessions of the day will be with the Intermediate squad, but the further sessions will be left to the individual as to when and where they will complete them.

The Elite squad athletes' progress will be closely monitored by coach Pete Cole, and programmes will be adjusted and discussed as and when its needed. They will also be e-mailed the weekly Orka Elite Training Programme

Being a member of this squad requires commitment, but rewards and achievements have show in the past.


  • Full Year January to December R 5 000
  • Monthly payment option of R 500 (Paid at the beginning of the Month)

Banking Details

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